Our COVID Response

It has been a strange time for us all as we get to grips with working from home and keeping the NHS and each other safe.
What was surreal and strange, has now become the new normal for the UK's workforce.
Over the past few years we have worked hard with our clients introducing them to our cloud services and this has paid dividends for them making the move to home working painless and efficient.
There was a surge in sale of laptops, routers, microphones and cameras but that has settled down now. On social media however we see other peoples frustrations with their IT and trying to work with colleagues on Teams and Zoom and sharing data.

Do you have any technology frustrations we can help solve? Most of these things can be fixed easily.

Some things we CAN help with:
• Easier access to shared data
• Slow laptops and devices
• Removing worries about whether your business data is secure or not
• Better remote collaboration and communication with your team

And two things we CAN’T help with
• Slow internet speeds at home (sorry)
• Stopping your kids from interrupting you 117 times every workday

There's no need for any physical contact to fix your home working setup. Everything can be done remotely.
Get in touch if you need help.